Savoury Delight: Stuffed Brinjal/Eggplant Curry – A Spicy and Flavorful Indian Dish

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 40minutes

Total time: 60 minutes

Serving – 4 people




Stuffed brinjal or bharwa baingan is a famous and a very delicious recipe. It can be served along with rice or rotis.



Small brinjals – 8 nos


Masala powder for filling:

Peanuts- 2 tbsp.

Coriander seeds- 1 tsp.

Jeera/ cumin seeds- 1 tsp.

Fennel/ saunf- 1 tsp

Fenugreek seeds/ methi- ¼ tsp.

Red chilli powder- 1 tsp

Turmeric/ haldi powder- ½ tsp.

Amchur powder- 1tsp.

Salt- ¾ tsp.


For the gravy:

Jeera/ cumin seeds- 1tsp.

Bay leaf-1

Hing- a pinch

Oil- 3 tbsp

Onion- 1 big sized, finely chopped

Ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp.

Tomato- 2 big

Red chilli powder- ½ tsp

Turmeric/ haldi powder- ½ tsp.

Garam masala powder- ½ tsp

Water – ½ cup

Salt- ½ tsp.


Preparation Method: Step by Step

  • Wash the brinjals and cut it in the centre from bottom till just above the stem. The cut should be mark ‘X’. Brinjals should be cut in 4 but still held on by the stem.
  • Put it in a bowl of water for 10 minutes.
  • In the meanwhile prepare the masala powder. Take a pan and add the peanuts. Roast it on low flame. Once it is fried add in the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds. Roast all in low flame till you get a nice aroma. Keep it aside to cool completely.
  • Then transfer it into a mixer. To this add 1 tsp. red chilli powder, ½ tsp haldi powder, 1 tsp. amchur powder and ¾ tsp salt. Blend it into a fine powder. The masala powder is ready.
  • Now take each of the brinjal and fill the masala powder into it using a small spoon.
  • In a kadai take 3 tbsp. of oil. Add in 1 tsp of cumin seeds, 1 bay leaf and a pinch of hing. Mix well on low flame. Now add the stuffed brinjals. Mix it and cover the kadai with a lid and cook for 10 minutes on low flame.
  • In the meanwhile, blend 2 tomatoes in the mixer into a fine puree.
  • After 10 minutes remove the half cooked brinjals into a plate.
  • In the same kadai add in finely chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Saute it well. Cook it over low flame.
  • Then add ½ tsp of haldi powder, ½ tsp of red chilli powder and ½ tsp of garam masala powder. Saute it.
  • Now, add tomato puree. Mix well. Cover and cook for 5 minutes till oil separates. 
  •  Now add in the Stuffed brinjals and ½ cup of water. Cover again and cook for about 10 minutes on low flame.
  • Once oil starts separating remove the cover and mix well.
  •  Stuffed brinjal curry is ready to be served. Serve it with rotis.


  • Any oil can be used. I have used mustard oil. It adds an additional flavor.


  • The curry can be garnished with coriander leaves.


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