Innovative Fusion: Idli Stuffed with Egg Bhurji – A Delicious Combination of South Indian and Egg Delights

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Total time:  10 minutes

Serving – 3 people

IDLI Stuffed with Egg Bhurji

EGG Bhurji or scrambled eggs are easy to make and a healthy option for all.  We make this more often and have it along with rice, chapathi even with Upma.

Whole eggs are nutritionally rich, supplying almost every nutrient you need.

Today we are going to stuff the leftover idli stuffed with egg bhurji.


Idli – 3 Nos

Eggs – 5 Nos.

Chilli Powder – 2 tbsp ( Prefer Colourful and spiceless)

Oil- 2 tbsp. ( Use coconut oil for best results)

Salt to taste.

Onion – 2 medium size chopped.

Curry Leaves – Little Chopped

Green Chilli – 2 Nos. (Based on your spice)

Ginger – Chopped one small piece.

Pepper Powder – 2 Tbsp

Turmeric – ¼ Tbsp.

Preparation Method: Step by Step

  • Beat the eggs with little salt and keep it aside
  • In a pan, heat oil and add chopped Onion.
  • When the onion slightly turns the colour, add ginger, curry leaves, green chilli and mixwell.
  • A minute later lower the flame, add all the spices along with the required salt and mix well.
  • Time to add the beaten eggs, place the stove in high flame and mix the egg along with the masala.
  • Close the Pan and lower the flame ,stirring in between and Continue to cook until the eggs are thickened.
  • Egg Bhurji is ready.

Stuffing the Idli-

  • Cut the Idli into two pieces without removing the edge.
  • place the egg bhurji in between the cuts.
  • Stuffed Egg Bhurji is ready, make it hot and have it.


  • You can also add  grated coconut and tomatoes as well while making the Egg burji

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